2019 Career & Post-Secondary Expo November 5th - 6th in Hutchinson, KS - 8:30am-2:30pm

Are you a business, two or four year college, or public service representative interested in helping our Kansas students plan for their future career? We need your participation to represent all career options for students after high school. Talk to over 4000 students at one event!

FREE for high school students to explore post secondary & career opportunities and support their Individual Plan of Study. Students will meet with business, public service, and college representatives to fully understand their career options and the education they need to get job.

The Career & Post-Secondary Expo showcases post secondary opportunities from two year college degrees associated with specific careers, four year college degrees, industry certifications, apprenticeships, military opportunities, and business partners.

Business / Public Service


School Districts

We are working today . . . to build the workforce of tomorrow!

For Business leaders, the Career Expo improves the employee \”pipeline\” in your industry.

For Colleges and Public Service, the event is a huge recruiting opportunity.

For Students, it\’s just the right thing to do, to prepare for a career!

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