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You are the Industry Expert

Our students… your future workforce, need your advice!

Is it difficult finding qualified employees? Did you know that Kansas students are gaining certifications and employability skills before they graduate high school? 

ESSDACK, an educational service agency in central Kansas, is hosting it’s 4th annual Career & Post-Secondary Expo, which is the largest career planning event in Kansas.  There is no bigger platform in the state to get in front of students, AKA our future workforce.  

This is not your typical Career Fair… 
This is a hands on, interactive event primarily for high school students.  As an industry expert, we need more business and industry involvement to assist students become more aware of career opportunities and skills that align with your workforce needs. As a result, you will see an improved employee “pipeline”.

Why is your presence important?
It’s important for students to get first-hand experience with you, the experts doing the work currently.  You know what is takes. The Expo is Free for students, which is why it’s so important that you participate.

We have a majority of the space in the Hutchinson Mall AND the giant parking lot to use for this. Two-day event. DREAM BIG. Let’s get REAL with career awareness.

What should you expect at this event?
With over 6000 students attending last year, the Career EXPO is the largest college and career planning event in Kansas. The event highlighted over 160 post-secondary opportunities from one year certification programs, two and four year college degrees, apprenticeships, military opportunities, and business partners.  Watch a preview from last year.

How do you get involved? 
Each booth space is only $200.  (You can have them inside the Hutchinson Mall, outside in the parking lot, or BOTH!)  The price includes 2 lunches each day, and it allows us to make the event free for students. Reserve your booth space at

What demonstrations can you provide during the event?
Need some help thinking of ideas?  Reach out to the Career Expo team. We’re here to help make this the best possible experience for everyone.

YOU are the experts. This is your chance to talk to our future workforce.