for School Districts

Show up with a plan..

Please reference the teacher and student resources that are provided on the right side of this page. There is a student prep guide, which should reviewed thoroughly, and a student worksheet that will provide direction for your students if you don’t have other predetermined goals for the event.

A map and directory will be provided to students on the day of the Expo. The directory will also be posted to the Career Expo website along with a web-based interactive version of the map.

Start a conversation..

A simple “Hello!” can lead to new opportunities in life. Use the Career Expo as an opportunity to understand job demands and explore college programs. 

Attend a demonstration..

Colleges and Businesses have been asked to host scheduled demonstrations for students to encourage more student interaction. It is up to the exhibitor to determine their schedule, so look for signage and the booths. Featured demonstrations will also be listed on the website and in the Student Guide.

Visit outdoor exhibitors..

We want to continue to attract businesses and organizations that bring large equipment and hands-on demonstrations, many of which have to utilize outdoor space. So please encourage students to visit the outdoor exhibitors, and attend live demonstrations. Students should be allowed to visit outdoor booths as soon as they arrive at the event. There is no need to direct your students into the Mall immediately when you arrive.  (Though we do ask that a school staff member check-in at the south Mall entrance Information Booth.)