MS Careers Day Industry Partners

We need Business & Industry Volunteers to help our students become more prepared to enter our workforce. For our students, it starts here…

To volunteer, contact Clelia McCrory at 620-694-9289 or

You have an opportunity to help students understand career opportunities and expectations related to your industry. We encourage hands-on demonstrations or some type of interactive booth to provide a learning experience and initiate conversation with students.

For Example…

A physical therapy booth might have a hand strengthening challenge using equipment commonly used in this industry. Or, a water testing sample hosted by a local municipality.

The Middle School Careers Day will be structured with 7 big areas, each representing a career field.  In each of these career fields, businesses will host sample learning by doing booths related to their industry.  We will have 7 time periods of 40 minutes each with a five minute transition time. Students will experience job stations, and ask guided questions so that they have a better understanding of each career field, and can more likely select their one or two preferred career fields. They just may spot a job station that starts a path to their future career! 

Through the Career Expo experience, students have the opportunity to visit and interact business/industry experts, gaining information and knowledge about each career field. This influence will assist students as they develop their educational Individual Plans of Study and map out their needs leading to careers in related industries and college goals.

We are working today . . . to build the workforce of tomorrow!